To Sleep in Flames and Dream of Rain

Ryan McCoy: To Sleep in Flames and Dream of Rain

The Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery at Arlington Arts Center

October 14–December 16,2017:

Ryan McCoy’s haunting and lyrical works are rooted in the languages of abstraction and minimalism. Baby powder, sea water, pine needles, ash, straw, rust, and other materials are combined to create new iconographies about time, place, and memory. Disparate pieces of the past are transformed into artifacts of an ever-feeting present. Isolation,
longing, alienation, and impermanence are key underlying themes in this body of work, created over the past twelve years. McCoy’s exhibition, To Sleep in Flames and Dream of Rain places these themes against the backdrop of today’s political, social, and economic turbulence. Through his collisions of materials, McCoy structures time, place,
and memory to offer a meditation on alienation in a tempestuous world.

Opening reception: Saturday October 14th 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm