Meet Our Grad Students

Kate Fitzpatrick
2036 Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3

Kate Fitzpatrick is an artist and educator from Alexandria, Virginia. She received her BFA in painting from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Art education from the University of New Mexico.  Kate was born in Virginia, but grew up in a number of places around the world.  Those places and experiences shape the themes within her art. In 2013, she was recognized with the prestigious Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award by the Washington Post. She was acknowledged in 2014 as a Northern Virginian of the Year by Northern Virginia Magazine for creating an art and yoga curriculum she used with her students while teaching at the juvenile detention center.  In 2015, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study art education topics in India.  While at George Mason, Kate will continue to use art as a means to connect with community while developing themes that evolve around identity and place.