The School of Art at George Mason University is one of a few Art and Design programs in the nation that has a research center embedded in our facility and curriculum.  With its extensive collection, curatorial works, public programming, and research opportunities, Provisions Research Center for Arts and Social Change supports creative ideas for social change through art and design.  Floating Lab Collective is a student and faculty collaborative art group focused on social research through public and media art projects. To date, the collective has produced over 50 groundbreaking community projects within the Metropolitan DC area, nationally, and internationally; most recently, working in Medellin, Columbia addressing drug violence.  The Workingman Collective is a collaborative group of artists and other professionals. While membership, goals, and missions change with each project, ultimately, their projects seek to generate environmental awareness, stimulate the re-identification of a population with its hometown history, and urge participants into strengthening relationships with their neighbors. Since its founding in 2005, Workingman Collective has exhibited work and created projects in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

If you would like to read more about our national and international research and public art projects visit these featured links below:

Mason Artists’ Sculpture Featured in New Plaza at Tysons Corner

  • Macerich commissioned project to create a public artwork in the new Plaza at Tysons Corner Center.   A portion of the commission was used to fund a School of Art scholarship.

Windows Without Prison Bars

  • A project is directed by Mark Strandquist and was awarded a 2013 Photowings/Ashoka Foundation Insight project grant and a Pollination Project Grant.  The project includes amazing partnerships with Free Minds DC, Provisions Library, Duke Ellington School of the Arts,  a multi-disciplinary array of departments at George Mason University and many others.

Professor Edgar Endress and Provisions Library Director, Don Russell, Travel to Brazil to Research Cordel Literature

  • Based on research, Provisions and Floating Lab Collective co-creates a mobile print workshop and curriculum for producing Cordel Literature with various community groups in DC and beyond.

Workingman Collective Commissioned by Art in Embassies Program

  • A three-part artwork created by Workingman Collective members Tom Ashcraft and Peter Winant over the course of two years. At its core, the commission considers the relationship of play, learning and building community across generations, linking the United States Embassy and the greater Liberian Community.