Paramount Pictures presents Lauren Lapid

By Natasha Boddie/August 2017

You don’t have to work in the entertainment industry to know the name – Paramount Pictures. Since 1912, Paramount has earned a reputation in the “Big Six” alongside Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Sony and Walt Disney Studios. Making it the oldest studio and the only of the Big Six remaining in Hollywood.

What you may not know is Paramount offers an internship program. According to their website, internships offer students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in the entertainment industry. As a Southern California native, who loves movies and storytelling, surrounded by the Big Six. Rising junior Lauren Lapid has always been interested in the entertainment industry.

Currently, as an Art & Visual Technology (AVT) student with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in business. Lapid couldn’t imagine where she would be without the School of Art (SOA). Being a student has allowed her to grow as a designer and an artist. The culture within SOA, from faculty to students, is welcoming.

“I am able to see the effects of art in the greater landscape of society, and I’ve found that having that artistic insight, even within non-creative jobs, is immensely valuable,” says Lapid.

Paramount’s impressive portfolio led Lapid to a rewarding internship. In-Theater Marketing (ITM) is responsible for all promotional collateral or materials in movie theaters nationwide. As an ITM intern, Lapid had the opportunity to assist with brainstorming and logistics of upcoming movie promotions. She was also responsible for checking every movie theater circuit’s website and social media pages and documenting all posts pertaining to Paramount movies on a daily basis.  

“It’s creative in that I get to help brainstorm in the initial phases of marketing promotions for movies months in advance, which is awesome, and I get to design various deliverables for theaters in addition to developing professional logistics and office skills,” Lapid said.

Interning with ITM has been a unique experience. This summer, Lapid spent most of her time on Transformers: The Last Knight, designing social media posts for prize pack giveaways for different theater circuits.

“Literally thousands of people saw and interacted with posts I designed, so it was incredible to see what impact I was able to make,” explains Lapid.

In her design experience with various agencies including Adobe Systems in Silicon Valley. The entertainment industry has been by far the most rewarding experience. From learning the ins/outs of the entertainment industry to simple office etiquette to complicated telephone systems used by larger corporations are all countless lessons learned.   

“I can truly say I am surrounded by passionate people … like with the fine arts, you must truly love it in order to successfully navigate a career or life path in entertainment,” says Lapid.