About “Our Comics, Ourselves”

Fenwick Gallery at George Mason is pleased to host “Our Comics, Ourselves,” an exhibition of works on themes of identity, expression, and representation in comic books and graphic novels.

“Our Comics, Ourselves” includes comic books, graphic novels, DIY comics, and various comics paraphernalia primarily from the United States, from 1945 to present. The works range from autobiographical to sheer fantasy, and explore feminism, abortion, racism, cultural identity, social activism, labor unions, veterans of war, sexual abuse, student debt, immigration, public health, civil rights, gender and sexual identity, and more. “Our Comics, Ourselves” presents the graphic stories that describe the complexity and diversity of our collective experience, and examines the social and historical contexts within which they emerged.

“Our Comics, Ourselves” comes to Mason by way of Interference Archive in NYC, and is supported by faculty partners and departments across George Mason University.

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