Laptop Recommendations

Like many other art schools, GMU’s School of Art has been an Apple computing facility for many years. Our digital classrooms and our digital Open Lab are still 100% outfitted with Apple computers. This allows for a more cohesive environment wherein faculty and students can engage with the same equipment as teaching software and methodology occurs.

Apple computers have traditionally been the tools of choice among artists, providing a platform of creativity long before any other computer manufacturer thought about their needs.

However, in the last few years, Windows systems have become more versatile and more appropriate for artistic applications, so if you would prefer to purchase a computer that runs Windows operating systems, that is also an option.

To purchase a computer that will most likely be the computer you use for the duration of your studies, we would recommend Apple laptops.

Hardware Recommendations:

  • 13 or 15-inch MacBook pro (2018 Model)
  • Intel Core Processor = i5 CPU (i7 CPU recommended)
  • Memory = 16Gig RAM
  • Storage = 512Gb SSD or Fusion Drives (1 Terabyte recommended, do not purchase HHD)
  • Warranty Apple Care+ 

If you are interested in School of Art’s New Media’s animation, video, etc., the i7 processor and the 1 Terabyte extra storage is strongly recommended. If you are committed to purchasing a PC model laptop, please consult with your vendor about the laptop’s compatibility with 4k and 5k resolution.

Software Recommendations:
Adobe Creative Cloud (Your teacher will instruct you on which version to lease from Adobe Cloud).
*Important: Final Cut Pro, which is used in many NewMedia courses, is not available on the PC platform. In light of this, if you prefer a PC laptop, you will need to learn an alternate PC compatible video editing time line software program such as Adobe Premiere, or another PC based product.

An extended warranty for your PC is highly recommended. Please inquire with your vendor.

You can purchase Apple computers from the Apple computer store or the Patriot Tech store – Phone # 703-993-4100 or via email at . If you have any further questions, feel free to contact : Federica Incerti, the Associate Director of Technology at 703-993-1976, or at