Internship Components

Internships have both a work and academic component and may take many forms such as a paid or unpaid internship, or service to the community. Whatever the form, an internship must have the following components in order to be approved:

  •  Hands-on experience that gives the student practical, out of the classroom experience in the art industry.
  • Personal reflection by the student about the experience they are gaining and how this experience relates to academic theory, their classroom experience, and the career for which they are preparing.
  • Planned assessment and accountability agreed upon by the student and the AVT faculty member prior to the start of the internship. Assessment will track progress toward meeting the stated learning objectives set forth by the student in the internship plan.



Students wishing to participate in the internship program will be expected to meet the following minimum standards:

  • Must be a declared AVT major
  • Senior Standing
  • Completion of 12 concentration Credits
  • Have recommended minimum of 3.0 overall Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Internship must be off-campus

Internship Applications

Complete internship applications are due on the below due date. In order for an application to be considered complete, the Contracts for Interns and Experiential Learning Agreement must be submitted by the due date. Please print and keep a copy of your completed application; you will need the information for your personal records.


Steps for Internship Application Proposal

  •  Step One:  Meet with your advisor to discuss the academic expectations for field experience credit.
  • Step Two:  Meet with a faculty member to serve as instructor of record for the course and complete the Intake Form.
  • Step Three: Submit the Experiential Learning Agreement to the internship supervisor and ask her/ him to complete agreement by the semester application due date. The Agreement must be submitted by the semester application due date.
  • Step Four: The Contract for Interns and Experiential Learning Agreement should be submitted to the instructor of record by the semester application due date.
  • Step Five: Once your completed Contract for Interns and Experiential Learning Agreement have been received and approved, you will need to fill out an Individualized Section Form with your instructor. The form will require a signature from the instructor and Director of the School of Art. It will be your responsibility to register for the course.
  • Step Six: Make sure you print and keep all forms for yourself.
  • Step Seven:  Complete and submit the assignments on the AVT 489 Internship Syllabus .

Important Things to Know about AVT Internships

  • You must secure the approval from a faculty member before you begin your internship if you wish to receive internship credit.
  • You may register for an internship during the fall, spring, or summer term.
  • Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, senior standing, completion of 12 concentration credits and a declared AVT major.
  • Students may earn up to 6 credit hours in a semester. AVT requires a minimum of 45 hours of internship work per credit hour earned. (6 credits = 270 hours)
  • Internships generally are new experiences. The purpose of an internship is to gain new experience. Students should identify specific academic goals related to the field of conflict that they hope to accomplish through an internship. They should then seek opportunities and employers that can help meet those academic and experiential goals.
  • An internship may be completed at the student’s current workplace ONLY if a student is completing different work under a different supervisor and the instructor of record has approved the work.
  • All assignments must be completed by the end of semester deadlines stated in your syllabus.
  • Internships are graded.

Internship Assessment

Assessment is a critical piece of the internship process because it asks the student to self-evaluate learning, process what he/she is experiencing, while providing a means to assign a grade for academic credit. Assessment of the Internship will include the following:

The AVT 489 Internship Syllabus  detailing the assessment components can be downloaded here and the Experiential Learning Agreement must be completed and submitted to the instructor of record for approval.

Where Can I Find or Post Internships?

Visit HireMason for a listing of internships.  To post an internship, create a HireMason account.