Faculty & Staff

Studio Fundamentals

Rachel Debuque
Assistant Professor
Director of Studio Foundations and Sculpture
2029 Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3
(703) 993-8564

Rachel Debuque (b. 1983, Allentown, Pennsylvania) received her MFA degree at The University of Georgia. She received her BFA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is currently an Assistant Professor and Foundations Coordinator of the Foundations program at George Mason University.

She has exhibited extensively including, New York, Croatia, and Philadelphia. She was recently awarded to attend the internationally recognized Bemis Center for Contemporary Art’s residency program.

Her research spans installation, sculpture, video, and performance. Debuque de-familiarizes space and objects using common decorating design strategies such as pattern, paint, and the arrangement of objects. Her work purposefully plays with two and three-dimensional realms, creating a push/pull in perceptions. Her use of vibrant colors to create directional line patterns that suggest dimensional space. Conversely, cast objects are flattened with matte paints. These formal decisions twist notions of domestic space. New meaning emerges from a complex relationship between objects, background, foreground, and space. This creates an atmosphere is both nostalgic and unfamiliar at the same time.

Many of these decisions are created through a rigorous studio practice that involves many experiments with color, space, and form. Debuque thrives on the late night energy of the studio, which allows her to immerse in new patterns of awareness. She collects objects that transition through many stages, such as becoming cast replicas or layering with coats of paint. Objects and space become the canvas for world making.