Gun Violence in America: Graphic Design as a Reactive Catalyst of Thought

James X. Van Meer MFA Thesis Exhibition

March 20-31, 2017
George Mason University • Fairfax Campus
School of Art Gallery (#4 on map)

MFA candidate and graphic design adjunct professor James X. Van Meer exhibits his thesis work for two weeks at George Mason’s School of Art. The show, Under The Gun, examines gun violence in America, and how graphic design can be a catalyst for thought. Jim’s work examines gun violence through a statistical lens, filtered by the use of typography, grid design, vector theory and application, 3-D environmental graphics, color theory, lighting design, and video. 

Through the use of interpretive graphics, storytelling, and experiential graphics, Jim’s work is intended to further the dialogue about gun violence through a thoughtful perspective. Visitors are invited to interact and add their voice to the exhibition through the street memorial installation portion of the show. The public is encouraged to bring mementos, photos, flowers, and other objects to place at the installation, and to write messages, as an expression of personal reaction to gun violence. 

How do you feel about gun violence in America? What do you think about the statistics, the images, and the issues? How has gun violence affected you? 

Do you feel under the gun?