Students with a concentration in printmaking experience a broad interdisciplinary approach. Their curriculum includes completing research involving various visual cultures to learn and apply both traditional and alternative printmaking media applications. At a time when visual artists everywhere investigate cross-disciplinary boundaries, students have the ability to design their own program, collaborate with students from other academic areas, and integrate printmaking with painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and web-based art.

Students annually work with guest artists, enjoy visiting museums and private collections, exhibiting their work, and exploring innovative artistic practice with the printmaking faculty. By means of curriculum and research involving various visual cultures, students learn and apply traditional print media applications and explore various alternate printmaking media in the studio. Each year, through the Navigation Press program, a nationally prominent artist visits the School of Art to make prints in collaboration with a team of printmaking faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students at George Mason University.

Director of Printmaking:  Christopher Kardambikis

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