Our faculty’s collective expertise ranges from digital photography to black and white and color film photography in addition to alternative darkroom methods, studio lighting, large format, documentary photography, photo history and theory. As practicing artists with national recognition we recognize the broadening definitions of photography’s role in contemporary art.

Featuring two digital labs complete with large format film scanners and printers along with a spacious darkroom featuring 18 4×5 B&W enlargers our facilities are one of the best in the VA/DC/MD area. A fully equipped 1000 square foot lighting studio, well-lit work areas for mounting prints, a separate alternative processes darkroom and a 30” color print processor provides our students with many options for the creation of a diverse and professional portfolio.

Our philosophy is to challenge and encourage students in the conceptual aesthetics and social issues relevant to today’s definition of photography. Equal emphasis is placed on the students’ development of technical and visual skills to become communicators of contemporary ideas in their future as artists, professionals and mindful citizens.

Director of Photography:  Sue Wrbican