New Media

The School of Art New Media concentration operates within the context of contemporary art practice with a goal toward educating artists who will be conceptually and technically prepared to participate meaningfully within the professional visual cultural arena.  Students with a concentration in New Media Art investigate the tools, tactics, and cultural significance of art making in the age of digital reproduction/simulation. The program looks at several sites of artistic production in the realm of new media art: animation, video, installation, and networked art forms—and hybrids of those and other forms—to form a broad knowledge base of various media and their applications in the context of contemporary practice. Emphasis is placed on creating meaningful artistic experiences through the thoughtful and creative use of ideas, concepts, and contemporary technologies. Courses are set up to contextualize current media technologies in the practices, theories, and histories of 20th and 21st century art.

Successful new media students will:

Demonstrate a thoughtful and creative understanding of current technologies in the process of making meaningful works of art.

Demonstrate skills in the critical evaluation of art works in the context of new media visual culture and contemporary criticism.

Demonstrate knowledge of the work of artists and theorists who are engaged with aesthetics in the context of new media culture

School of Art Green Studio

Director of New Media:  Mark Cooley