SOA Advisory Council

The School of Art Advisory Council consists of dynamic members who reflect the culture around us: museum professionals, business and community leaders, with backgrounds in law, medicine, technology, science and research. Their wisdom, experience, and advice emanates from years of involvement with cultural projects of all kinds, and being intimately connected with the Washington D.C. region’s arts community.   The Advisory Council works closely with the School of Art director and faculty to provide consulting and advice and support fundraising initiatives.  The Advisory Council’s first initiative was to steer the process of creating our Vision Statement.

Active Members

Gardner Gillespe, Chair

Barry Broadway

Sharon Buchanan

Jessica Davis

Sheryl Fiegel

Helen Frederick

Juanita Hardy

Mel Hardy

Jim Head

Claire Huschle

Val McWhorter

Joann Moser

Phoebe Peterson

Don Russell

Peter Stearns

Linda Sullivan

Peter Winant

Elyn Zimmerman


Giovanna Chesler

Eugene Evans

Susan Graziano

Kathryn “Mikki” Van Wyk