Undergraduate admission to George Mason University is determined by the Admissions Office and is separate from admission to the School of Art degree programs.  A portfolio review is eventually a part of becoming matriculated into the School of Art. However, it not a requirement for incoming freshmen, as many applicants who aspire to a degree in art or design may not have enough studio experience to meet the portfolio requirements. However, we do welcome and encourage prospective students who have developed a portfolio to have a review. We see the review as an opportunity for you to learn more about our program and for us to learn about you. You can set up your Portfolio Review online.

All transfer students who intend to become candidates for a BA or BFA in School of Art must complete a portfolio review as a part of their general application to the University. As a reminder, transfer students are required to submit official transcripts of all college-level coursework.

CVPA Graduate Admissions is a self-managed system. Applicants are responsible for submitting their application materials in a timely manner. Those who file their applications within the deadline will have the advantage for consideration of tuition assistance programs.  We encourage interested applicants to open their applications online, provide correct and current information, and check the status of the application on a continual basis. Applicants are assigned a “G number” once an application is opened. This Mason identification number will be key to all university communications.  If you have questions regarding Graduate Admissions, please contact Stevie Otto, our CVPA Graduate Admissions Coordinator.  Visit our Portfolio Review page to learn more about the graduate admissions portfolio requirements.