Our programs offer each student a broad, connected range of resources within the school, the university, and the rich offerings that our proximity to Washington, D.C. provides.   Our vertical core curriculum provides a rich experience for our students throughout their time at Mason that establishes consistent studio practices integrating methodology, research, conceptual development and theory into visual communication through a variety of media.   Our curriculum is also interdisciplinary focused, encouraging students to take courses in all of our concentrations: Drawing, Graphic Design, New Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Our internationally recognized faculty are committed to teaching extensive technical skills within a curriculum that develops critical thinking skills, oral and verbal communication skills, the ability to work imaginatively in collaborative environments, and building transferrable knowledge within the world environment.  Provisions Library, ArtsBus, Visual Voices, along with numerous student organizations offer students unique learning opportunities.

Many prospective students ask if an education in the arts will be valued by future employers.  We believe that an effective education in the arts prepares the student to become a productive citizen who can contribute in multiple ways to the culture they inhabit.  Learn more about about our areas of concentration, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs.