Meet Our Grad Students

Emily Fussner
1013 Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3

Emily Fussner graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, where she majored in printmaking and discovered the art of papermaking along the way. She finds that the material qualities and methods of papermaking resonate with themes in her own life experiences, especially the surprising resilience to withstand breaking down in order to be made new, and the strength developed through an interdependence of fragile fibers. Her work also centers around place and the periphery—a fascination born from growing up in several countries overseas and in the U.S.—most recently manifesting through paper sculptures cast on-site in specific locations.

Interning with Pyramid Atlantic, working as a teaching assistant for Gordon College’s study abroad program in Italy, and coordinating the past two annual Alchemical Vessels Exhibition & Benefit for the Joan Hisaoka Gallery at the Smith Center for Healing & the Arts, are three influential experiences that have shaped some of her career goals. She is eager to take the next step of growing further as an artist and individual through the MFA program at George Mason.